Step 1 Reflection

Interests change over time as we discover new passions. Global admissions and scholarship readers are looking specifically for those students who become passionate and dedicated to their activities of choice and who build up a solid reputation over time. They are also interested in how one develops new hobbies and passions, especially before entering 11th grade or the first year of Junior College. These activities will not appear to be attention grabbers, pursued strictly to bulk up one’s resume.

Learning Objective: To reflect on your ongoing activities and how they contribute to building your Unique YOU Brand. Additionally, I ask you to think and write more about your new interests in academics and extracurricular activities to help you realize your passion and purpose in life. Successful scholarship candidates have a clear understanding of who they are as people and what they are passionate about. They also have strong powers of communication that help them convey this to others. They are also continuously developing and exposing themselves to new avenues of creativity.

Completion Time: 2hr-3hrs.

a.) Start by summarizing your ongoing activities (those you have been doing for at least a year). Discuss the following:

  • How do you see these interests building your Unique YOU Brand?
  • In what ways do these interests connect with your academic coursework strengths?

b.) List at least three new activities or hobbies you have tried recently.

  • List three pros of each activity.
  • List three cons of each activity.
  • Jot down at least two reasons you disliked some activities more than others.

c.) How did you connect with other activities? What made them more attractive to you?

Scoring Information:

Each of the following elements will be assessed using a 1-5 scale for assessment with 1 point being the lowest score and 5 points being the highest:

a) Effective communication
b) Overall organization
c) Clarity of ideas
d) Effective use of English grammar
e) The uniqueness of the concept
f) Use of creativity
g) Inclusion of specific/details and vocabulary

Score: _____/Total points.