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Form for Mexican students to make payment for contest.

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Registration Deadline: 31/12/2022

Competition Start Date: 01/01/2022
Competition End Date: 31/12/2022
Venue: Base on Competition
Time: Base on Competition
Fee: Base on Competition

2022 AMO Competition

American Math Olympiad (AMO) is an international math competition for elementary, middle and high school students jointly organised by SIMCC and Southern Illinois University (SIU). It promotes the importance and a deeper understanding of math. AMO is open to all Grade 2 to 12 students and its framework is based on The US Common Core Standards. A group of the best educators from Southern Illinois University with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the Common Core Math curriculum design unique papers to challenge the student and at the same time promote their interest in math. Some of the distinguished benefits (or The key benefits) of AMO are university scholarships, Global Scholars Program, International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) membership, tuition grants and internships.

Registration Start Date:


Registration Deadline: 09/10/2022

Competition Start Date: 22/10/2022
Competition End Date: 23/10/2022
Venue: Will notify when sending the contest pass.
Time: Will notify when sending the contest pass.
Fee: 40 SGD

2022 STEAM AHEAD Competition

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM AHEAD is our initiative to combine our international academic competitions to educate students and bring them international exposure about possible career choices in these fields. So, STEAM AHEAD is the first to combine 3 international academic competitions in one location and offer multiple opportunities for students to win awards. (details on page) 2022 marks the 4th year of running STEAM AHEAD, with over 2200 students from 21 countries having participated.

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Registration Deadline: 15/10/2022

Competition Start Date: 03/12/2022
Competition End Date: 06/12/2022
Venue: Will notify when sending the contest pass.
Time: Will notify when sending the contest pass.
Fee: Please refer to your selection.