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Welcome to the

University Global Scholars Network (UGS)!

Are YOU ready to jumpstart your pathway to higher education, including studying abroad in the USA, Europe, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Korea, or Japan with a scholarship?

Dreams do not just come true overnight! They take mentorship, training, and acquiring a creative mindset to become a reality. We have developed a stage-based developmental program that will help your child be ready to pursue their education and place them on the path to earning a scholarship at one of the international universities of their dreams. Our program has built-in select skill training opportunities that will elevate your chances at admission and scholarship down the road.  The system is based on accruing points tied to specific preparation steps that collectively set them on the pathway to scholarship success. Points are awarded based on the thoroughness of completing a step, the elements of the steps themselves, the uniqueness of the response, and the student’s performance. All stages and steps must be met for students to be exempted from select stages by Dr. Laffey in the rare event that she determines that they have essentially completed the content of the stage before enrolling in the University Global Scholars network (UGS). A student should demonstrate at least basic command of the written and spoken English language. Students’ English proficiency levels will be assessed based on their assignments during the first stage. If Dr. Laffey finds that the student needs to improve their English, she will note this. The student’s potential success in this program will be evaluated after the completion of Stage 2. Although no one can guarantee a student a scholarship (in fact, this is illegal in many countries, especially the U.S.), completing our stage-based developmental program will significantly enhance your student’s chances for admission and scholarship success!

Your goal as a student participant is to score as many points as possible at each stage to bring you closer to becoming an Admissions & Scholarship Superstar!

What does it take to become an Admissions & Scholarship Superstar?

To discover if this program is right for you, we want to get to know you and see if you are a great fit to train for scholarships and if you can meet and hopefully exceed the program’s expectations. Please take time to answer the following questions carefully.

  • Are you comfortable writing and speaking in the English language? How satisfied are you with your communication skills? Can you effectively write a coherent paragraph in English?
  • Are you one who loves to take advantage of preparation trainings that advance your skills?
  • How much do you know about university admission and selection in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, the U.K., and Korea?
  • Are you determined to apply to a singular university based exclusively on its name recognition, even if there are better matches for your talents, academics, scores, and budget?
  • Are you looking for the best-fit university and scholarship possibilities?
  • Do you have any countries that you would like to study in?
  • Are you open to multiple universities or other courses of study that may fit better with your qualifications?
  • Are you planning to complete the different levels and stages that will make you a successful scholarship applicant?
  • Are you looking for an express path to prepare for your university admissions?
  • Are you here to learn how to market yourself and develop your personal brand to obtain scholarships?
  • Are you willing to search for YOUR interests and reflect upon YOUR skills, not just those others desire you to fulfill?