About Excel League Learning Management System (LMS)

Excel League has just acquired one the best learning management system software available.  It is used by notable organizations which includes:

  • University of Florida
  • InfusionSoft
  • Digital Marketer
  • University of Michigan
  • ProBlogger
  • University of Washington

By far the best thing about Excel League’s LMS is its drag-and-drop builder feature. It allows our training team to visualize the layout of their course as they’re building it. This way, we can visualize what our courses are going to look like before they’re live, and allows us to connect everything together in real-time. We can also quick-add new lessons and quizzes from the course builder.  We can lay out the curriculum from the outset, and choose to go back and edit it as needed.

A unique feature that our LMS offers is its video progression tool, which allows our team to easily embed self or externally hosted videos onto our courses.  We can automatically mark a lesson or course and complete once a student finishes a video while enabling video autoplay once a user finishes one video.

Excel League’s LMS us to make sure that every student has the proper foundational knowledge before taking a more advanced course, Excel LMS lets us create prerequisite courses. We can assign a specific set of courses as prerequisites before a user is allowed to move onto the core class.

Excel LMS also automates certain functions that make life easier for the course administrator. For example, engagement triggers allow users to automate certain functions once a student has completed a certain task. Whether a student completes a course, fails a quiz, finishes a lesson, or uploads an assignment, we can set these events to automatically trigger another function.

Simple triggers may be sending an email to the user. Perhaps a student that failed a quiz needs some guidance, and we can easily reach out this way.

So, we will be planning to use many of these features to help our students to master the subject that they have enrolled with us to ensure that our students Acquire Skills and Recognition for SUCCESS.

We will be offering more training lessons and will start to package them as a series to make it affordable and relevant to your SUCCESS. We hope that you will join SIMCC contests and will earn the 2 significant Awards (5 ways to earn 1 significant Award =
1. A local Gold award
2. A Global Finals Individual Silver Award
3. Two local Silver Awards
4. Two Global Finals Individual Bronze Awards
5. A combination of 1 local Silver and a Global Finals Individual Bronze Award

SIMCC has 31 competitions and assessments for you to choose from.