2023 STEAM AHEAD package include the following:

    • Accommodation at a 4-star hotel, ensuring comfort and premium services.
    • FULL DAY BALI IMMERSION TOUR for a dive into the local culture and key attractions.
    • Award ceremony and GALA lunch to savor scrumptious meals and connect with fellow attendees and guests.
    • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa (subject to flight details being submitted to us by 31st October) .
    • Daily breakfast.
    • Lunch and tea break during the competition days for students participate in the contest.

For more information about Bali Immersion Tour, you can download here.

Kindly note: While you might have multiple guests, only one guest is permitted to accompany you for both the award ceremony and the GALA lunch due to constraints in space in the Grand Ballroom. We implemented this policy to ensure as many parents as possible can join their children at the award ceremony. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

*For guests unable to attend the award ceremony, the associated cost has been deducted from the package price.

Competition Participation Requirements:

IJMO Registration:

  • Eligible through any of these achievements:
    • Silver or higher from AMO 2022, SASMO 2023, SMKC 2023, SMGF 2023, and SIMOC 2023.
    • Bronze winners, provided they attend IJMO training.
    • Age Requirement: Grade 1/Primary 1 to Grade 12/JC 2.

VANDA Registration:

  • Eligible through:
    • Perfect Score, Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards from 2023 VANDA.
    • Grade 3, 4, or 5 students can also qualify with an Honorable Mention if they participate in Vanda training.
    • Age Requirement: Grade 3/Primary 3 to Grade 12/JC 2.

DrCT Registration:

  • Eligible through:
    • Perfect Score, Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards from 2023 DrCT or registration in IJMO.
    • All IJMO 2023 participants can also join the DrCT Global Finals.
    • Age Requirement: Grade 1/Primary 1 to Grade 12/JC 2.

General Rules:

  • Students can’t compete more than once in the same contest. Offenders will be disqualified.
  • SIMCC may cancel registrations that don’t meet criteria. A SGD30 admin fee will be deducted for non-compliance.
  • Earning Perfect Score, Gold, or Silver in IJMO and VANDA contributes points for admission into IJHS and YALA.

Key Information:

  • This registration link is for Singaporean students only. International students should register through their country’s designated partners.
  • Failure to attend the competition will result in the forfeiture of the registration fee.
  • It’s the participant’s duty to ensure the accuracy of the names provided, as they will appear on the certificates. Corrections leading to reprints incur a SGD50 fee per certificate.
  • Payments should be made using credit/debit cards.
  • Upon successful registration, you’ll receive an email and a Stripe receipt.
  • The organizer may make changes to the competition’s rules at their discretion.

Cancellation Guidelines:

  • SIMCC imposes a full charge for any cancellations post-submission.
  • Refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to management’s approval. Approved refunds will be converted to credits for another SIMCC competition of equal or lesser value. Direct cash refunds are not permitted.
  • For refund appeals, forward your registration confirmation and Stripe receipt to our finance department at finance@simcc.org.

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