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SIMCC is the category champion to help your child prepare for DSA through the academic and leadership talent routes. We organize 29 international academic competitions in Mathematics, Science, Informatics, STEM, STEAM, and English.

SIMCC and Scholastic Trust Singapore (STS nonprofit foundation) created the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) and Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) which has over 4000 and 300 members respectively within the last 3 years, and many of them have been admitted from neighborhood primary schools to the top secondary schools in Singapore through the very same DSA process that you are applying for.

DSA Prep Agenda

Why you join this DSA Preparatory workshop?

1. Learn how To Build Your E-Portfolio and Write Your Personal Statement
2. Get your E-Portfolio and Personal Statement reviewed
3. Prepare and manage Interviews
4. Understand the DSA Process
5. Learn from top DSA students from top schools
6. Reduce anxiety and receive an insider’s view on DSA

The 5 areas to be explored at depth in our workshop:
– Academic pathways of Top Schools
– interview
– academic test
– E-portfolio
– selection camp


11th April 2021 and 23th May 2021 (9.30am to 5.30pm)



How to register?

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