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We are delighted to bring you, Design Thinking with robotics and Computational Thinking International Competition (DrCT). We are the team that brought BEBRAS Computational Thinking to Singapore and now offer BEBRAS as a free training platform for all students in Singapore joining DrCT. BEBRAS is the world’s leading community which develops CT questions for schools.

We invite you to sign up for DrCT and open the doors to free CT training using our internationally acclaimed BEBRAS tasks and breaking down problems solving, analysing the validity of solutions and spotting patterns in data – all essential skills for the workplace.

We hope to create a platform that can allow the neighbourhood schools’ students to have an opportunity to learn about informatics in a more creative way and compete with the rest of the world.  Using Computational Thinking also allows the students to have a systematic approach to learn programming and our methodology of combining design thinking and robotics will provide an intuitive first introduction to programming, as well as infinite opportunities for gradually building more advanced projects using an electronics platform fulfilling a standard loved and tested by millions of people who use informatics for real-world application projects across the globe.

DrCT will get students to improve in Coding and Programming and help them to prepare for the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), the highest national contest for Informatics in all countries before the best 4 students are selected to represent their country for the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).


To cultivate students’ creativity, logical reasoning ability, algorithmic and computational thinking skills.  By solving our contest tasks and using design thinking methodology to develop solutions for a problem statement, we will facilitate a deeper understanding of the world around the learner and enable them to solve everyday problems by leveraging the power of computers and information technology. Students will pick up the finer points of programming, solution focus and be action oriented which is not merely writing a piece of code but involves useful algorithmic techniques and problem-solving skills.


The contest is completed online in schools and supervised by teachers.

Division LOWER PRIMARY – Grade 1 and 2 (60 minutes)

18 questions (3 NOI questions, 15 CT questions)

Division MIDDLE PRIMARY – Grade 3 and 4 (60 minutes)

20 questions (4 NOI questions, 16 CT questions)

Division UPPER PRIMARY – Grade 5 and 6 (75 minutes)

24 questions (5 NOI questions, 19 CT questions)

Division LOWER SECONDARY – Grade 7 to 8 (75 minutes)

24 questions (6 NOI questions, 18 CT questions)

Division UPPER SECONDARY – Grade 9 to 10 (90 minutes)

24 questions (7 NOI questions, 17 CT questions)

Division Junior COLLEGE – Grade 11 and 12 (90 minutes)

24 questions (8 NOI questions, 16 CT questions)


Easy Questions: 6 marks

Medium Questions: 9 marks

Hard Questions: 12 marks


Perfect Score Award (Full marks) – qualifies as a significant award for IJHS

Gold Award (Top 8%) – qualifies as a significant award for IJHS

Silver Award (Next 12%)

Bronze Award (Next 20%)

Honorable Mention Award (Next 10%)

Certificate of Participation (Next 50%)

The top 50% of the participants will receive an award certificate. Top 40% of winners are invited to compete at STEAM AHEAD 2021 – DrCT Global Finals to be held in Bali, Indonesia from December 3 to 7, 2021.  Students must register with the SIMCC country organizer and contest entry is available on a first come first served basis, so register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


The benefits of participating in DrCT:

  • DrCT is a competition developed by IOI medallists and moderated by Professors involved in IOI.
  • DrCT is an important competition for those students taking the NOI competition. Around 25% of the questions are related to NOI and set by IOI medallists and reviewed by NUS School of Computing  professor.
  • NOI Gold Medallists from any country can apply for admission to NUS School of Computing directly. DrCT is one of the recommended competitions by Singapore NOI that will help the students to prepare for the NOI competition.
  • Competitive Programming 4 book 1 is the recommended text for DrCT and NOI written by Dr. Steven Halim, Dr. Felix Halim, and Dr. Suhendry Effendy. The authors are part of the star-studded UVa Online Judges team of the ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest), according to Prof Bill Poucher, President of ICPC Foundation.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallists of DrCT International Local will be invited to join STEAM AHEAD to compete in the STEAM AHEAD – DrCT Global Finals. They will have a chance to win the President’s Award for Excellence in Steam.


You can find more information about the contest in our official website

Don’t miss the chance to qualify for our IJHS and scholarship for USI.